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The Six Factors Used in the Financial Times 300 List

An independent investment firm that offers fee-only services to high net-worth clients in Indianapolis, Sheaff Brock provides money management and portfolio advice. In 2016, Sheaff Brock was named to the Financial Times’ (FT) list of the top 300 advisory firms. The FT takes six key factors into consideration in creating the formula that determines a company's ranking on this list.

1. The company’s number of assets under management (AUM) belies experience and the trust clients have in the advisor.
2. The age of the company, which is an indicator of reliability and ability to adjust to changing market conditions.
3. The company’s growth rates, which can be indicative of the ability to generate new business and retain assets.
4. The online presence the company maintains, with a particular focus on ease of access and level of transparency in the service offering.
5. The company’s past compliance record and any evidence of previous client complaints.
6. The industry certifications attained by the company’s financial professionals, such as CFP and CFA, as this demonstrates a dedication to increasing skill levels and understanding of the industry technicalities.

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